Guelph Co-ed Competitive Volleyball



Welcome to the Guelph Co-Ed Competitive Volleyball League!  We provide a fun and competitive environment, Monday and Wednesday evenings, September through May.  If you would like more information on our league, or are interested in joining, don't hesitate to contact us.

For general information please see the info/rules page.

Schedule change has occurred as we lost a gym for a whole week. Instead of messing around we were able to get another week added to the end of season.

Please continue to check before games begin due to a few changes that have been made. Contacts have also been updated, so please communicate with your team if you are going to be missing games!

Please remember from fall session, one more complaint about leaving a gym past 10:30 and we lose a gym! All those games would be cancelled with $0 refund!
Early games start at 7:10 (it is really really important to get the first time slot games started on time)! Hard stop at 8:10! (be at the gym for 7 - but not before!)
Middle games start at 8:20 (or earlier when possible)! Hard stop at 9:20!
Late games start at 9:30 (or earlier when possible)!
Hard stop at 10:25!!! CLEAN UP QUICKLY AND BE OUT OF ALL GYMS by 10:30.
If your 3rd game is tied at 8:10, 9:20 or 10:25, next serve wins!
If games start on time you should get your 3 games to 25.
Come to the gyms early enough for middle and late slots to start those games earlier when possible!

Thanks everyone, and let's play some great volleyball!!!

Other Reminders: NO outside shoes/boots in the gyms. Arrange for subs when necessary. Be out of the schools on time (10:30). Do not use the emergency exit in the Centennial gym. Have fun and play some great volleyball!!